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Hey Dad,
Happy birthday, Feliz compleanos, hope you have a good day, hope there are many more birthdays to come and all that.

More than those greetings, I hope you find the time to rest awhile and reap the love your hard work has grown. Of course, everyday seems filled with pressing matters and little catastrophes, work, chores, house jobs, complainers, bills, crying babies, fighting kids, dinner, and more. But, if you stop and look at the problems that happen a thousand, no, a million times a year, none of them ruined life. Not one of them made a substantial change in your life, not one of them benefited you, or your family, or your customers. They were just what we call them: distractions. We have to deal with them, and not give up, but losing sight of what truly matters is where so many go wrong.
So, I hope you have an enjoyable day, yes, but I really hope that you never lose sight of the things and people that matter. The people who love you.

Love and God Bless,
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