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Thanks for posting! I will send this to him on his birthday.

For the ebuyers and woodworkers, could you please sign with your ebay id and/or first name? Lol! Then he will know who it is!
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Have a very happy birthday, and many more!
Hi Chit,

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday. Though I've just recently done business with you; I've enjoyed the experience and look forward to future dealings. Very thoughtful of your daughter too :-)

Have a GRRRREEEAAATTT birthday!
You may not think so but you are just a kid still. Have fun and kick up your heels. There is so much living left to do! Life just begins at 40!!! Dobermomm
Hi There, Hope you are having very happy birthday and may you have plenty more. Healthy and Happy ones. Howard Broussard/dummy10
Happy big 40 chit! It's been a pleasure doing business with you the last couple of years. I think your daughter really cares for the OLD MAN! Keep the beautiful wood coming to eBay and I'll still be a customer. Hope you have many more birthdays.

Doug Gerlach
Tiny's Custom Calls
Have a Great Birthday,

You are just a young pup! Will be a few years before you can officially call yourself and "old fart" like me. Hope you have a great day and wish you the best!

Dean Hughes
Handmade by Hughes
I've always enjoyed doing business with you. Happy Birthday.

Eric, Fightingknives.
You're just a young whippersnapper!!... but watch out, you'll catch up with me in no time flat!!



July 21 2003, 04:45:31 UTC 13 years ago

Happy Birthday from Slicklongbeard
Happy Birthday Chit!! You have a very thoughtful daughter Chit. Not all of them would think about doing this! So...Your 40! I wish I was 40 again and know what I know now! HA! I hope this day finds you well and happy in all that you do, and may you have many, many more. Your friend in wood! John Parker-poolqmakr ;-)
Have a great one!

dennisjans from ebay

Dennis Janssen

The Big Day


July 21 2003, 05:11:31 UTC 13 years ago

Many happy returns of the day!
Hey Chit, this is donatode from EBAY. I have only purchased from you once, but will again in the future and besides, your daughter drives a hard bargain I could not refuse.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And many more!

Donato De Santis
Happy B-Day Chit!





July 21 2003, 06:04:22 UTC 13 years ago

I wish you every joy of the day and many future transactions! -Dave (djangostarr)
Congratulations on your birthday!

Thanks for the great wood, looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

Happy Birthday Chit,
You sure have a wonderful daughter that would do this for you, she needs extra hugs and kisses. We here at Fret Not Guitar Repair wish you a blessed 40th birthday and many more to come.We really love all the beautiful wood you sell, and look forward to buying more in the future.
Have a blessed day, Tim and Marguerite Pastella (Fretnotguitar)
I can't believe this but still i guess it's true! oh yeah i'm not a fellow ebayer or even a relative or even a known friend, but still i felt absolutely obligated to wish a HUGE 4 0 birthday wish to you and hope for 40 or more glorious years ahead of you, that is unless you are sick of life already.
Here's a Birthday wish all the way from far away and tiny Singapore..."Wishing You All The Best & Success In All Your Quests And Many Happy Returns Of the Day".

Many happy returns. Seems you have a great daughter. Emtoby.
Best happy birthday wishes from all of us here in MOSCOW, RUSSIA...

(P.S., the ebony arrived today - that was FAST!)

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Best happy birthday wishes from all of us here in MOSCOW, RUSSIA...

(P.S., the ebony arrived today - that was FAST!)

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Happy Birthday Daddy!
Best wishes to a guy who obviously has a family who loves him. And we ebayers are lucky to have you too! Keep all that great wood coming. All the best, Kate (Cariadkate)
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